I have Unleashed the Beast

First, I just wanted to apologize to you guys/gals. I have not been able to post for almost a week now.  A lot has happened and lets say I have had to reorganize 90% of my upstairs because of ONE KID. Anyway, I have several posts coming and I hope you stay tuned.


Let us take a short trip down memory lane. Do you remember when your baby was first born and they would snuggle you at any moment? How about when you put them down in the crib and all you got was two minutes of tears then angelic pouting lips and gentle snores? Perhaps, your child was always a happy baby as long as they were being fed. Either way, these memories are burned into our memories. Little do we realize we will have to draw on these very memories in a few short months.  Do you have that image? Here’s mine.

015 (3)

This is my youngest son.  Happy, slobbery, pleasant. He had a nap every day and loved to eat anything I put in front of him. He would go to bed by 8:30 PM and stay asleep until 8 AM. Oh memories!

Recently, he climbed out of his crib (four times in 20 minutes).  Of course I turned the crib into a daybed that next hour. The issue arose when it came to his quiet times and bed times. I was soon on the receiving end of a “toddler” on the loose rage marathon.  I quickly found out how mobile and strong he was.



This is what happens when you leave a toddler in quiet time without the crib. The result was a mixture between disbelief and anger and humor. Obviously, the disbelief  and humor was on our part. How could one small “innocent” child do so much damage? The best part was when we checked on him and he was sitting there, he got mad at us for stopping the fun.  I have never seen so much anger packaged into a body so small. I’m sure you are wondering what anger wrapped in the form of a twenty month old child looks like…



I personally think he looks like one of the Orc commanders from Lord of the Rings but that’s just me I guess. My question to you…when your child outgrew the crib and you had to put in the daybed or twin bed, did your child’s personality change?

There is a plus side, he loves his big brother so much that he now sleeps in his bed almost every night now and his big brother wouldn’t want it any other way.




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I'm a stay at home dad of a daughter and two boys. Every day is a challenge and always original. This blog will be my way to put my own thoughts together but also a way for others to share their experiences or get some advice. View all posts by mainlinedadspa

2 responses to “I have Unleashed the Beast

  • Cut It, Kid

    It’ not the crib. My kid is having episodes as well and I think it’s just the age. He hasn’t climbed out of the crib yet but in the span of two weeks he has grown into a completely different person! I keep thinking, is he going to be ill, is it because of his vaccination, is it this, is it that. But I guess it’s just him changing and growing up. Nice post!


    • mainlinedadspa

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve also come to the conclusion that its just my son changing from being a baby and converting into the “Terrible Twos”. Oh yeah and add in new teeth coming and keeping up with the older kids to boot.–Eric


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