If you see me in public, your first impression would probably not inform you that I am a stay at home dad. I am only five foot six with an athletic build. I have spiked hair, groomed facial hair and tattoos that cover my arms and back. But this is not what makes me different from your typical stay at home dad (not that we have a standard). I also have a physical disability. As an infant, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which is a rare inflammatory nerve disease.I have been more fortunate than some who have been diagnosed. One of the things that I have been blessed with is my wife and three beautiful children.

I met my wife, Kristin, in 2007. She was a law student at Villanova University. When we met I had an eighteen month old daughter from a previous relationship but she still agreed to stick around. Within months we both knew that marriage was not too far away for us. In February of 2009 I was granted full primary custody of my daughter and my future wife was now step mom to my little girl.  Little did we know, a week after she would graduate from law school in 2009 she would give birth to my oldest son.  So she went from step mom to one child, she was quickly a mother too two. Around 2012 Kristin was again in full baby bug mode and who am I to deny her? When we moved into our current home, the paint was still being put up and we found out we were pregnant! November of 2012, my youngest son was brought into the world. Like I’ve said, I’ve been blessed.


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