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Sweat it out!

DSCN0365 (If my wife reads this, I’m sorry I couldn’t find another photo with your eyes open.)

How many of us have gained weight over the years? It doesn’t really have to be because of kids or marriage or even old age, we all may find ourselves a bit “softer in the middle” than we would prefer.  I personally have struggled with my weight over the past five years.  When I met my wife I was a lean 155 lbs and at 5’6 I would say I was ideal for my frame. I’ve always been been muscular and have enjoyed working out for as far back as I can remember. (Not, that I was disciplined enough to see really good results.)

After my son was born I was at the peak of my weight gain. I was a sweet 205lbs depending on the day and it was my wife who actually woke me out of my weight gain. How you might ask? She made a small comment, ” You used to have a six-pack when I first started dating you.” She didn’t mean it in a negative way and it wasn’t a false statement. It was then and there I decided to work on my body. I mean its only fair right?

If I want my wife to be attracted to me and to not dread the idea of my blubber rubbing up on her then fix the issue, right? Will she love me no matter what? Of course, but will she want to still get all sexy for me if I don’t care about taking care of myself? She and I have actually discussed this, and the chances of sexy time would realistically diminish if the weight got out of control. So that’s when I decided I would start working out and take care of myself which would also take care of my “other” concerns.

wpid-wp-1406924447038.jpeg I busted my hump and I was getting stronger and the weight was falling off. After a year of hard work and many gallons of sweat I finally was getting the results I was looking for.  I had a great system and then my final semester of college at Saint Joseph’s University started. End of traction. End of the gym and my routines. My weight was quickly coming back. By the end of the semester, I was about 20lbs heavier but it was my graduation so I didn’t really pay much attention.

This summer I realized my situation yet again and I’ve been struggling to get back on the wagon. I was reading a blog by Eric Williams about the issues of trying to workout on your own and how often the results are less than desired. So he has suggested a support group or a group of like minded dads who can keep each other held accountable.

Everyone wants to know what is the secret to success. I’ve got the secret. But if I tell you…you won’ t like it. Its not a pill. Its not a shake that makes you crap for the next 3 days. Its not liposuction or anything that can be categorized as a quick fix. The secret is SWEAT. You have to up your exercise in some way. When I was most successful I increased my cardio. Find an elliptical that you like and crank it up to 100% resistance. Go for an hour and make your goal at least 1000 calories burned. Start off slow and just keep going until the time is up. On average you should take in approx. 1800 calories give or take and by this one basic exercise you can curb your net total for weight loss. REMEMBER: Drink A LOT of water and only weigh yourself first thing in the morning and be naked. This will help your psychological edge because this is the time when you weigh the  least in a day. Okay friends go out and sweat!